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  • Sheila Marrow


Updated: Feb 10, 2019

MarrowArts is starting a new, Monica and I have been going through changes in so many aspects of our daily lives at the same time keeping MarrowArts flowing and evolving with us.

So many of you want to share in our adventure of travel, and relocation to Maui.

deep blu

I feel like Dorothy in The wiz. I Just want to get home. We continue to follow our hearts and approach everything with Love. Artist can change their stripes. MarrowArts is creating art in all forms. We have embarked into unfamiliar territories with new projects and mediums. Check out one of Monicas newest creations Deep Blu

Expressions of release for Artist Monica Marrow have opened up to a whole new world of acrylic painting.

Letting go of the old, recently we donated our Creations collection to the United Hebrew


They provided exceptional care to my dad when he was recovering from a serious surgery. Legacy’s of Love returns even more Love.

What do you have to look forward to from MarrowArts? Lol..... Just keep your eyes wide open because our canvas has surpassed four walls and shutter boxes. Thank you all who have been in our lives here in New York there are too many people to mention all your names for your love and support on the East coast. Pacific here we come!

By: Sheila Marrow