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  • Sheila Marrow

Woosah...... Another year to celebrate. What a ride for all of us.

yoga bear

Like the cyclone roller-coaster at Coney Island MarrowArts had some twists and turns, ups and downs. Before we knew it, 2018 has come to a close. Like most thrill seekers we wouldn’t change a thing. Because all those moments have lead us right to you. We truly appreciate all our fellow art enthusiasts. The patronage and support of pass and current customers. The excitement of the new.

2018 gave all of us a ride. MarrowArts was a rollercoaster. Yours may have been fast and furious or simple as a tea cup ride. But all of us share in the same hope. Freshness. 2019 opens its arms with new adventures. Fresh beginnings. That whoosah moment. Nature knows how to ride that wave of change. Yoga Bear has the right idea. Yoga Bear finds his peace, as he stretches and exhales his cares away. Let’s take a page from his book.

We have some surprises for you in 2019, that will be announced soon. But don’t blink! Because in a Twinkle in your eye it will be springtime. Nature doing what it does best. We will be right there capturing nature’s beauty, bringing it to your homes, workplace or business. So let us all breath deep and say together....


HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Sheila and the staff of MarrowArts.